Oliver Hoyos

Oliver Hoyos is an international hospitality impresario and visionary who has shaped the face of nightlife over the last three decades creating numerous legendary parties in Los Angeles, Miami Beach, London, the Netherlands and Germany.

Hoyos hails from a prominent European investment banking family, and while he does not boast about it, is of noble Austrian lineage that dates back to 637 A.D. However, after enrolling in Pepperdine University in Malibu, California at the tender age of 19, he soon found his calling making a name for himself promoting some of Los Angeles’s hottest nightclubs—Vertigo and Wall Street, to name a few. He soon became renowned for his own events throwing unforgettable parties like Black Market, West Go West and Jackie’s Big O.

Upon his return to Europe in 1989, Hoyos emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the burgeoning electric dance music (EDM) scene. Dozens of smaller events were followed by the creation of Behnsen & Partners Event Management GmbH followed by Hoyos & Siebrecht Concerts. His reach extended to major sporting events and concerts like the Tennis Masters in Frankfurt and the world-renowned Frankfurter Springhallen Reitturnier.

By 1993, the EDM movement was in full swing and Hoyos moved to the Netherlands to pursue larger and more creative events. He partnered with MTC Events to organize festivals and raves for up to 30,000 people. He also founded Royal Melodies and partnered in Silly Symphonies, two of the most distinguished event companies in Holland at the time. Simultaneously, he started to purchase and develop numerous hospitality concepts including beach bars in The Hague (De Caravaan), The Base in Amsterdam, and Havana Lounge and Club in London’s Leicester Square.

Hoyos brought his relaxed-yet-luxuriously-hedonistic style Stateside in 1999 with the opening of BED Miami Beach. The venue was an instant success with its fusion of the chic lounge experience, unparalleled fine dining and the dance-till-dawn European nightlife vibe. Few will argue that it changed the face of South Beach forever. In later years, Hoyos added BED New York and BED Atlanta with the venues becoming some of the most successful hospitality concepts in the U.S., starting a trend that would be copied worldwide stretching from Argentina to China. 

Attracting everyone from Hollywood A-listers to professional athletes, supermodels and the biggest names in music, the press was soon to follow. BED was featured in countless publications such as Playboy, Time, The New York Times, Vogue Germany, French Cosmopolitan, Wine and Food Magazine, as well as numerous travel publications. It also served as a backdrop for some of the most popular TV shows and feature films including Sex and the City, Showtime’s Going to California, the MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Europe, Entertainment Tonight, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Access Hollywood, CBS Sunday Morning, and numerous travel shows in 33 countries. BED Miami won the coveted “Best Of Florida” award in 2006 from Florida Trend Magazine in the “Top 500 Restaurants of Florida” category.

Five years later, Hoyos once again felt the pull to Europe and returned to Frankfurt opening the gourmet burger bar chain, Burger Baby. He also partnered with Katja Katic, representing the talent roster at Unbound Artists and booking their stable of minimal techno acts, DJs and producers at venues worldwide including festival darlings Extrawelt, Peter Dundov, Microtrauma, Undo, Mononoid, Black Peters and Sofia Kourtesis.

Hoyos received the “Rainmaker’s Award” from The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce in 2001 for his work in the revitalization of South Beach as well as the “Trendsetter Award” from Restaurant magazine in 2002. His design for BED New York is detailed extensively in the book New York Architecture & Design. In 2002 Hoyos was featured as “Host of the year” by People magazine

Home is Hoyos latest venture.